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Benefits Of Bee Pollen

    Vitamins and minerals are not all that bee pollen offers.  It is also rich in proteins, free amino acids, hormones and trace elements.
    No other food on earth offers such a broad spectrum of nutrition so naturally.
All over the world honeybee pollen is recognized not only as an ideal food source,  but as a food source with wide-acting medicinal properties, including:

        1. Restore lost sexual desire and energy.
        2. Alleviate menstrual cramps.
        3. Speed the healing of wounds.
        4. Alleviate depression and fatigue.
        5. Normalize digestive problems.
        6. Alleviate migraine headaches.
        7. Relieve various prostate problems.
        8. Improve fertility in females and males.
        9. Reduce cholesterol.
      10. Greatly improve energy levels.
       11. Weight Control
       12. Using bee pollen daily can help you build up a resistance to airborne pollen allergies.
    Modern researchers today are proving what our ancestors already knew yesterday; that eating bee pollen every day will keep many maladies at bay.



Royal jelly is a secretion from honey bees that is used to deliver nutrition to larvae and adult queen bees. Research has found that royal jelly carries several benefits for humans. Here are 10 health benefits of royal jelly.



Anti Aging                                                        Anti-hypertensive (blood pressure)

Bone strengthening                                         Brain function enhancement

Lowers cholesterol                                          Anti-fatigue / energy boosting

Immune system boosting                                 increases libido (both sexes)

Antioxidant                                                      Liver protection

Anti-inflamatory                                               Blood sugar modulation

Skin healing                                                    Anti-bacterial

Anti-viral                                                          Collagen synthesis